Tie Dye Silk Scarf

If you want to make a fun fashion accessory, consider tie dying a silk scarf.
I started with a 35" x 35" silk crepe de Chine scarf that I purchased from Thai Silks years ago. I used Jacquard silk colors (green label) - magenta 715 and cyan 725. These are both primaries in this line. I bought my dyes from Dharma Trading, and they're also available at Dick Blick and Amazon. These are dyes that you can use right out of the bottle, and they can be thinned with water for lighter hues. 

Here's what the scarf looked like after I dyed it. I accordian folded it, wet it, and tied it with four rubber bands before applying dye with a sponge paint brush to both sides. Then I let it dry for 24 hours.
Most silk dyes require steam setting, a messy process that I wanted to avoid. Instead, I set the dye with Jacquard Permanent Dyeset Concentrate. I diluted it in water, following the formula instructions, and swirled my scarf in the dyeset bath for five minutes. Then I rinsed it, let it dry, and ironed it. The dyeset makes the colors washfast and dry cleanable.

Every scarf made with a tie-dye technique will turn out differently, so it's a lot of fun to experiment with different ways of folding and color combinations.  

10 New Cozy Mysteries in May 2020

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A Call for Kelp by Bree Baker

Seaside Cafe Mysteries, Book 4

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A Fatal New Year by J.A. Whiting

Tipperary Carriage Company Mystery, 
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Death by Auction by Alexis Morgan

An Abby McCree Mystery, Book 3

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 Furmidable Foes by Rita Mae Brown

A Mrs. Murphy Mystery, Book 29

Mary Minor “Harry” Harristeen is on the hunt for a killer with a deadly green thumb when a day in the garden turns fatal.

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A Mew Beginning by Kathi Daley

A Whales and Tales Mystery, Book 20

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Milkshake Up by Christy Barritt

Crime a La Mode Mysteries, Book 2

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Murder at Rover Meadows by Cindy Bell

Wagging Tail Cozy Mystery, Book 9

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Murder She Wrote: The Murder of Twelve 
by Jessica Fletcher & Jon Land

Murder She Wrote, Book 51

She's back . . . Jessica finds herself stranded in a hotel during a blizzard with twelve strangers and a killer in their midst.

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Murder with Clotted Cream 
by Karen Rose Smith

A Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery, Book 5

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Secrets of the Past by Shelly West

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