Killer Art in the Park, Book 4 of a Fine Art Mystery Series


Available September 20, 2023

A sunny summer’s day. . .

An art show in the park. . .

How could something so delightful turn so deadly?

When she hears a bone-chilling scream, artist Amanda Trent leaves her booth and rushes through the park to find a horrifying scene. Her friend Pamela is kneeling beside her husband’s body, her hands covered in blood. Amanda’s fear that the police will immediately peg Pamela as their chief suspect comes true when Pamela is arrested for murdering her own husband. But Amanda knows that Pamela is no killer, and she’s determined to prove it.

Encouraged by the support of her friends and bolstered by the companionship of her adorable golden retriever Laddie and her moody calico cat Mona Lisa, Amanda pursues clue after clue, to no avail. She’s running out of leads, and Pamela’s running out of time. Can Amanda discover who the real killer is before Pamela has to call a prison cell her new home? 

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