Make a Yarn-Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

 Fun and Easy DIY Project 

Making a yarn-wrapped bangle bracelet is an easy, fun project that yields great results with a minimum amount of time and materials, and it's a good way to use yarn left over from other projects. 

For the bangle pictured above, I used a plastic wavy bangle as the base and Moda Dea Wild!, a specialty nylon yarn made in Italy. I purchased the yarn years ago, and I don't believe it's still being made, but you can probably find some on eBay or Etsy if you're looking for this exact yarn. Any type of yarn may be used, though.

Supplies needed: yarn, bangle, tapestry or yarn needle. I used a plastic bangle, but any type of undecorated bangle will do, such as metal, wood, or glass. The bangle can be round or square. I used a tapestry needle, but a yarn needle will work also. You just need to be able to thread the yarn through the eye of whichever needle you choose.

Cut a length of yarn to use for wrapping. Ten yards of yarn is usually more than enough. I had plenty left over.
Make a small ball of the ten yards of yarn or wrap it around a small piece of cardboard. I used a one-inch by two-inch piece of cardboard. Now you have a small ball that can easily pass through the center of the bangle when you're wrapping it.

To begin, hold or glue the loose end of the yarn to the back of the bangle. Glue is completely optional. If you decide not to use glue for this step, simply hold the yarn in place until you've done several wraps over it. That's all that's needed to hold it in place.

Proceed to wrap the yarn through the center and around the bangle, making sure that it's tightly wrapped and that you're covering the tail of yarn you glued or held on the back to start. It doesn't matter whether you wrap outside to inside or left to right just as long as you consistently wrap the same way each time.

Keep wrapping!

Once you've wrapped the entire bangle, make sure the yarn is snug and cut a tail of about ten or twelve inches.

Thread the tail through the eye of the tapestry needle. There's no need to knot the tail.

Insert the needle in the back of the yarn on the bangle and pull it through as pictured above. Now take a stitch through a few strands of yarn on the back and repeat three or four times. Go back the other direction and do the same, pulling the yarn tight each time. 

Cut the yarn tail close to the back of the bangle, taking care not to cut the yarn that's wrapped around the bangle. You're all done. Enjoy your new bangle bracelet!  

Pictured above is another bangle, which I also wrapped with Moda Dea Wild! yarn in a different color combination. Experiment and have fun wrapping bangle bracelets with yarn. If you love yarn, you'll enjoy seeing how it looks on your wrist.


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