Make a Spooky Spider Halloween Decoration

 Making a spooky spider Halloween decoration is a quick and easy DIY project that can be created with pipe cleaners. 

CAUTION: The ends of pipe cleaners are very sharp, so I don't recommend this project for children.

Here's our finished spider "crawling" up the wall.
And here it is creeping along a tabletop.

To make your own spider, you'll need several pipe cleaners, and you may also want to use a three-inch long cardboard template to get started. Although six pipe cleaners are pictured below, I used nine for my finished spider.

The first step is to wrap one pipe cleaner vertically around the cardboard as pictured below.
Next, slide the pipe cleaner off the cardboard. This pipe cleaner forms the base of the body. Now attach one pipe cleaner to the body at a 90-degree angle, centering it on the body and wrapping each side around the body one time.

Attach three more pipe cleaners along the body in the same manner.
Next, wrap two or three more pipe cleaners around the body and head to secure the legs and make the body thicker.
I made the head a little thicker and rounder than the body. 
Once you're satisfied with the way the body and head look, it's time to bend the legs into shape. Bend each leg up in the middle, and arrange the legs so that they will support the spider when it's sitting on a flat surface.

And there you have it. Make as many of the creepy crawlers as you need for Halloween decorations.