Cozy Mystery Series for Cat Lovers

What could be cozier than a story featuring a cat? Whether the cat solves the mystery or is a furry feline companion to an amateur sleuth, cozy mystery readers who also love cats may find some undiscovered series among those listed here.

Bookmobile Cat Mystery Series
Book 1 - Lending a Paw
Author - Laurie Cass
The Cat - Eddie

Accompanied by her cat recue cat Eddy, Librarian Minnie Hamilton drives a bookmobile and solves mysteries.


Cat Cafe Mystery Series
Book 1 - Cat About Town
Author - Cate Conte
The Cat - JJ and pals

Mystery, romance, and a new business venture - the Cat Cafe - keep the action going in this four-book series.


Cat in the Stacks Mystery Series
Book 1 - Murder Past Due
Author - Miranda James
The Cat - Diesel

From a New York Times Bestselling author, this thirteen-book series features a librarian and his cat.


Mrs. Murphy Mystery Series
Book 1 - Wish You Were Here
Author - Rita Mae Brown
The Cats - Mrs. Murphy and Pewter

This series ostensibly co-authored by a cat named Sneaky Pie Brown, is probably the best known of the cat cozies, and with twenty-nine books so far, it's the longest series.


Nick and Nora Mystery Series
Book 1- Meow If It's Murder
Author - T.C. LoTempio
The Cat - Nick

Nick, the cat, spells out clue with Scrabble tiles.


Cozy Mystery Series for Dog Lovers

Here are six cozy mystery series for dog lovers along with the series starter for each one. The dog may not solve the mystery, but each canine companion is sure to add some barkingly good fun to each and every tale. 


A Fine Art Mystery Series 

Book 1 - Artistic License to Kill 

Author - Paula Darnell

The Dog - Laddie, a golden retriever

"I love the pets in the story. . . Grab your copy and see if you can find the killer before Amanda does! " Emily Pennington, Top 500 Reviewer, Amazon



 Andy Carpenter Book Series
  Book 1 - Open and Shut 
  Author - David Rosenfelt
  The Dog - Tara, a Golden Retriever

  From an Edgar-award nominated author, this series has more than 20 books in it.



Avery Barks Cozy Dog Mysteries
Book 1 - Butterfly Boy
Author - Mary Hiker
The Dog - Chevy, a Golden Retriever

". . . fun characters, lots of twists and turns and a lovable dog." 


Chet and Bernie Mystery Series
Book 1 - Dog on It
Author - Spencer Quinn
The Dog - Chet, a Mixed Breed Large Dog

The narrator of this series is the dog!


Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mysteries
Book 1 - Murder in Cottonwood Springs
Author - Dianne Harman
The Dog - Kett, a Newfoundland

From a USA Today bestselling author, this series has eleven books in it.


DIY Diva Mystery Series
Book 1 - Death by Association
Author - Paula Darnell
The Dog - Bear, a Labrador Retriever 

From award-winning author Paula Darnell,  this series features a lovable Lab, based on her own dogs.