Halloween Hue-Dunit - Book 5 of a Fine Art Mystery Series


Available September 1, 2024

From an award—winning and USA Today bestselling author!

When a flirtatious former member bursts into the Roadrunner during a members’ meeting, Amanda and her friends are startled to learn that the beautiful blonde plans to return to their cooperative art gallery. But Monique’s going to bring more than her artwork with her; she’s also about to bring trouble. On her first night back, she makes eyes at a recently married man who ignores his bride to schmooze the newcomer, and that’s just for starters. With a fight over her billionaire husband’s will, a private eye who’s tracking her, a relative who’s had all just about all she can take of Monique’s outrageous behavior, and an ex-boyfriend waiting in the wings, it’s no wonder that Monique decides to take a break to attend a Halloween costume party.

Although her costume wows the guests, the party comes to an abrupt end when Monique takes a dive from a third floor balcony. Amanda’s sure that the unlucky artist was pushed to her death, and, with a houseful of masked party-goers, it’s no easy task to sort out the suspects. But even though she’s busy painting new artwork for an upcoming show while taking care of her lovable golden retriever Laddie and her finicky calico cat Mona Lisa, Amanda can’t resist doing a little sleuthing on the side. She’ll have to hurry, though, if she’s going to catch the killer before someone else suffers the same fate as Monique.

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