Arts and Crafts Projects Using Yarn (No Knitting or Crocheting)

There are lots of ways for those of us who love yarn (but aren't knitters or crocheters) to incorporate yarn into arts and crafts projects. Here are just a few projects that I've made that have yarn in them. 


I made this bangle bracelet of a soft, multi-color, fuzzy yarn. The main color is a tangerine shade. I wrapped yarn around a center core, which is a plastic bangle.

At the right, you can see a close-up view of the side of the yarn-wrapped bangle.
It's available on my Etsy PaulaDJewelry site. Click here to see it on Etsy. 


Wool yarn is often used in needlepoint. The close-up above is from a partially worked canvas as is the picture at the right. There are several colors of wool yarn in this needlepoint picture. I used an Elizabeth Bradley kit for this canvas. It's from the Victorian Collection. I started this needlepoint years ago and work on it occasionally, although I haven't had time to needlepoint lately. Maybe someday I'll finish this one!
Textile Art Work

Here's a cute little textile art work I made of a polyester furry fabric with felt and yarn accents. The mouth is made of black yarn. A bit of yarn often can be used for detail work in textile art projects. The little bell around the lamb's neck is a real brass bell. It's tiny, but it actually rings. To see a couple other images of this picture, click here.

Fashion Sewing

Here's a purple tweed jacket, lined with black silk, that I made of a nubby purple tweed fabric. The fabric is a blend of both synthetic and natural fibers, and the yarn in the weave is thick enough to be used as a strand in making a braid, which is what I did to trim the jacket. I made the trim, which goes all around the jacket's edges and trims the sleeves, by pulling out individual strands of the fiber and braiding them together, then sewing the braid in the center of a black grosgrain ribbon.

Needle-Felted Textile Art

This needle-felted picture is framed in a box frame with glass in it, so the photos aren't as clear as I'd like. I used wool yarn to needle felt my version of purple sage. For the base fabric, I selected a vintage green linen handkerchief with crocheted edges. If you're going to use yarn to needle felt on a base, be sure to use wool yarn.