10 St. Patrick's Day Cozy Mysteries

These cozy mysteries have a St. Patrick's Day theme, of course, green covers! They're listed in alphabetical order by title.

A Catered St. Patrick's Day
by Isis Crawford

To most of the people of Longely, New York, St. Paddy's Day means good food, great music, . . . Read more

Corned Beef and Casualties 
by Lynn Cahoon

South Cove, California, is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day—and there’s going to be a parade of suspects . . . Read more

Dressed Up 4 Murder
by J.C. Eaton

The holiday season has arrived and bookkeeper/amateur sleuth, Sophie “Phee” Kimball, would love nothing more than to enjoy the comforts . . . Read more

Duffel Bags and Drownings
by Dorothy Howell

Fashionista and event planner to the stars Haley Randolph is staging a St. Patrick's Day bash for one of Hollywood's biggest couples. . . . Read more

Kate Cavanaugh Mysteries: Lucky Charmed
by Kerry L. Curtis

Kate is trying to find out who is trying to kill Rhys, while she's looking for the stolen Cartier necklace and searching for an Irishman's pot of gold . . . Read more 

Lucky Strike
by Madison Johns

When Sheriff Peterson is injured during a high-speed chase — Agnes and Eleanor spring into action . . . Read more

St. Patrick's Day Murder
by Leslie Meier

Not many people in Tinker’s Cove, Maine, knew Old Dan Malone . . . Read more 

Struck by Shillelagh
by Amy Alessio

Struck by Shillelagh: A St. Patrick's Day novella mystery! When her friend is arrested for attempted murder of the Mayor at the St. Patrick's Day parade . . . Read more 

The St. Patrick's Day Murder
by Christine Bennett

Model police officer Scotty McVeigh was one of New York’s finest, until someone pumped a pair of bullets into his body on St. Patrick’s Day . . . Read more

 The Long Stitch Good Night
 by Amanda Lee

Although she's taken an interest in Irish embroidery, Marcy Singer can't help but abandon her needlecraft when handsome local brewer Todd finds himself accused of murder . . . Read more