Who's Your Detective Doppelganger? Take a Quiz to Find Out!

Are your deduction skills most like those of Mycroft Holmes, who's a perfect crime solver; Sherlock Holmes, who seldom makes a mistake; Inspector Lestrade, who often misses the mark; or Dr. Watson, who usually doesn't have a clue?

Review the following crime scene, and then take a short quiz to identify your detective doppelganger.

  • A dead woman lies on her back in front of her refrigerator.
  • Her face appears flushed.
  • The well-stocked fridge's door is wide open.
  • A pie sits on the open door of the oven.
  • The stove's gas is on, and its odor permeates the room.
  • There's a pan filled with water on one side of the kitchen sink.
  • On the other side of the sink, there are partially peeled potatoes.
  • There's a large window above the kitchen sink.
  • Folded tea towels are stacked on the counter.
  • On top of the tea towels lies a kitchen knife.
  • There are two doors in the old house's kitchen, both locked from the inside.
  • Both door frames are stuffed with newspaper.
  • On the kitchen counter next to the stove, there's a cutting board sprinkled with flour, a rolling pin, a large bowl with a wooden spoon in it, and a glass.

Now that you've had a chance to review the scene, take the quiz to find out how you fared.