DIY Diva Blog

DIY Diva Blog

Here are DIY projects from the author of the DIY Diva Mystery series. Many include step-by-step instructions while others show a project that Paula has created.


Bessie's Dog-Bone Treats

Bessie always had one of these dog-bone treats waiting for Bear every morning when Laurel took . . .click to continue reading full post.
Reversible Two-Tone Fringed Dog Scarf

In Death by Association, A DIY Diva Mystery, Bear knows he’s a handsome boy when he wears the reversible, two-tone, fringed scarf that Laurel . . . click to continue reading full post.

DIY Flower Ring

Looking for an easy DIY jewelry project? Here's a cute ring that's fun to wear for casual . . . click to continue reading full post

Chain and Ribbon Necklace

Why pay designer prices for a chunky chain and ribbon necklace when you can make your own for under $5? I was inspired to combine the statement necklace. . . click to continue reading full post.

 Just Roses Potpourri

Making your own potpourri from roses couldn't be simpler. All you need are several dried rose blossoms and a few drops of rose-scented essential oil. . . click to continue reading full post.

 Tuna Rice Dog Treats

These tuna rice dog treats have my taster's full endorsement. My dog Rocky gives them a paws up! When it comes to dog treats, Rocky's a connoisseur. . . click for the recipe.
Decorate Your Designs with Fringe

One of my Paula D Sewing Patterns customers sent me photos of a tote she decorated with the beaded fringe she purchased. . . . click to continue reading full post.