I am honored to have won two book awards in 2020 for two of my mystery novels.

The first is from the National Federation of Press Women for a novel over 40,000 words awarded in March 2020 in NFPW's annual at-large communications contest. This is for my cozy mystery Death by Association. According to NFPW contest director Teri Ehresman: "This is a huge accomplishment."  

Thank you, NFPW!


 In July 2020, I received an award from the Public Safety Writers Association for second place in the published fiction book category of the organization's annual writing competition. This award is for my historical mystery The Six-Week Solution. According to Barbara M. Hodges, PSWA board member and competition coordinator, there was "stiff competition" in the published fiction book category, so I am especially pleased.

Thank you, PSWA!